AGM Minutes 2014

MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting of THE WA BEAGLE CLUB held at the Canine Centre, Gosnells

Heather Jones, Marion Watson, Garry Jones, Maree Birkenshaw, Lorraine Della, Les Della, Brian Birkenshaw, Carol Herbert, Dennis Smith, Rhonda Smith, Amy Mayer, David Mayer, Sue Langmair, Tony Langmair, Rochelle Gordon, Sue Freshwater.

The President, Mrs Heather Jones declared the meeting open at 12.35 p.m.

APOLOGIES: Jonnene Yeates, Dee Collins

The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 10 July 2013 having been circulated, were accepted as a true record. Moved Sue Langmair, seconded Lorraine Della CARRIED

Marion Watson queried whether there was a discussion on holding a second Championship Show at the AGM. Secretary advised that this was decided on and actioned, before the AGM was held and wasn’t mentioned at the AGM.

The President, Mrs Heather Jones provided a verbal report for the year. She is glad that the financial year is changing as it brings into line our presentation of trophies, where they will now be presented shortly after the competition closes. The weather is also warmer in February and members are more likely to attend. There were several successful walks during the year and thanks go to Lorraine Della for organising the walks. The last walk at Guildford was well attended. We held an Amenities Show in conjunction with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club with an amount of over $4,800 raised and given to Dogs West. We are now holding 2 championship shows per year, which makes it easier for our dogs to qualify for the futurity classes at the Beagle National Shows. Moved Rochelle Gordon, Seconded Sue Langmair THAT the President's Report be accepted. CARRIED

The Treasurer advised that we had a balance of $6,073.275 at the end of the current year. Also saved $65 by not booking a shelter at Whiteman Park. The Treasurer's Report having been circulated was moved as a true record. Moved Amy Mayer, Seconded Tony Langmair THAT the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. CARRIED

The President handed the chair to the Returning Officer, Lorraine Della. Two scrutineers were called for and Dennis Smith and David Mayer volunteered.

Elected  President Heather Jones
Vice President Garry Jones
Treasurer Marion Watson
Secretary Sue Langmair
Committee Carol Herbert

The chair was returned to the President, who thanked the Returning Officer and Scrutineers.

  1. The financial year of the W.A. Beagle Club be changed to 1 January to 31 December
    (This will bring our financial year in line with all of our Club activities and point scores.) Moved Maree Birkenshaw, seconded Carol Herbert CARRIED

  2. Adopt the new CAWA Affiliated Club’s Constitution (CAWA have approved a new Affiliated Club’s Constitution template and all affiliated clubs are required to adopt the new constitution) Moved Maree Birkenshaw, seconded Sue Langmair CARRIED

  1. Jonnene Yeates & Dee Collins were nominated for the position of Patroness Moved Marion Watson, Seconded Amy Mayer CARRIED

  2. Ann Howell nominated for Auditor Moved Heather Jones, Seconded Dennis Smith CARRIED

  3. Honorariums of $50.00 each for Treasurer, Secretary. Moved Lorraine Della, seconded Rochelle Gordon THAT honorariums be paid CARRIED Secretary and Treasurer advised they are donating their honorariums back to the Club, as per last year.

  4. Annual subscription fees are currently $25.00. President advised that there is no need to increase this as expenses are down thanks to Tony and Sue Langmair printing off the Newsletter during the year, at no expense to the Club. We just pay postage. Also saved by not hiring a shelter at Whiteman Park. Moved Heather Jones, seconded Carol Herbert THAT the subscriptions remain the same as last year. CARRIED

W.A. Beagle Club (Inc.) Annual General Meeting 13 July 2014 General Business Continued

  5.  Presentation of Member’s Trophies. Trophies were not at the meeting, but the following dogs were acknowledged: CHAMPION TOP DOG FOR 2013 Ch. Mayster Granite B & M Birkenshaw CHAMPION TOP BITCH FOR 2013 Ch. Mayster Ruby Ring B & M Birkenshaw OPEN SHOW TOP DOG FOR 2013 Mayster Pick Pocket B & M Birkenshaw OPEN SHOW TOP BITCH FOR 2013 Mayster Baroque Pearl B & M Birkenshaw

MAY 2013 OPEN SHOW – BEST IN SHOW Mayster Pick Pocket B & M Birkenshaw R/U IN SHOW Ch. Mayster Baroque Pearl B & M Birkenshaw PUPPY IN SHOW Sligrachan Beautys Black Pearl Sligrachan Kennels
  1. David Mayer queried whether we had e-mail addresses of all the members as we could e-mail members for events and send them the newsletter. He also acknowledged the WA Beagle Club Facebook page. Marion Watson advised it has only been in operation for 3 weeks and is open to all beagle people, not just members. She does not advertise future events on the site as if non-members know about the events, then they will not see the need to pay membership to attend. David Mayer advised that it could work the other way and if non-members go, they may want to join.

  2. Amy Mayer advised she is happy to organise a tee shirt run during the year.

  3. Sue Langmair queried whether the newsletter could be placed on the WABC website and made so that only members can view it. Dennis Smith advised he would look into it. Either that or e-mail the newsletter out and only post to those that request it to be posted.

  4. Amy Mayer thanked the people on the Committee for organising events during the year.

  5. There being no further business, meeting was declared closed at 1pm



Amendment to AGM Minutes – for noting.

WA Beagle Club (Inc) – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Sunday 13 July 2014

PRESENT: Sue Freshwater signed the attendance book and left immediately and was not in attendance for the meeting.

APOLOGIES: Georgia Karajas registered her apologies via WA Beagle Club website.