Broadway Walk
13 June 2010

Sunday dawned as a fresh sunny winter morning.
It turned into a beautiful morning and a lovely day to be enjoyed by all who took to the outdoors.

The beagle club members were no exception with an excellent roll-up.
The dogs all arrived on time, tails wagging, nose working, and keen as mustard to get going but those humans, they are a pain to get moving, all they want to do is to take photos and talk to each other.

The scribe managed to count 35 beagles but I couldn't be sure of the accuracy of the count.
I personally really enjoyed this walk as did everyone I feel.  Everybody was content to wander along and at a turn around point, many sat and chatted before beginning the return walk.

Once back at the starting point I saw many unfolding chairs and bringing out the bickies and the thermos flask.

Some photos taken on the day, displayed in no particular order.
Click on images for a larger view.

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